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New Stuff? New Friends? New Problems?

Drug gangs come from nearby cities to get people just like you to sell their drugs for them. Don't think all drug dealers are adults. They may only be a few years older than you.

They will pretend to be your friend at first. They may offer you cigarettes, or other stuff you want, like a new bike or trainers.

But it soon becomes something very different.

Has somebody you know started acting differently?

These are obvious signs that someone you know is in danger from drug gangs. Remember it can happen to people you know.

New Stuff? New Friends?

Do they suddenly have lots of money?

Are they showing off lots of new gear, maybe clothes or trainers, but you don't know how they can afford it?

Do they get lots of texts, or have more than one phone?

Do they hang out with new, probably older, people who you don't know?

Have they stopped being around their usual friends?

Have they gone missing recently, or moved away from their home or where they live?

Do they still come to school? Or has their schoolwork got worse?

New Problems?

Are they worried?

Are they keeping secrets?

Have they been injured or harmed in any way?

Has their mood changed?

Have they started self-harming?

Other signs

Are they bragging about taking part in crimes?

Have they been carrying weapons?

It may seem like having new clothes and gadgets is great, but people who have been recruited by these gangs are in a lot of danger. Drug gangs are never going to be your mates, they can quickly turn violent towards their victims.

Even if a person doesn't realise it, they need to get out. And they need help to get out. So, if you think a friend or someone you know is in trouble, please let us know.

It can't be traced back to you. And it could save them from real danger.

Remember, anything you send is completely anonymous.