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Whatever information you give to us will be completely anonymous.

  • We never ask details about who you are
  • We never ask where you live
  • We never ask for your phone number or email address
  • We never contact you or ask to speak to you
  • We don't track your data
  • We don't use cookies to store information about your visit to the website
  • We don't save your IP address to get your location

If someone is in danger, please tell us. You can say as much or as little as you want. We can help.

And no matter how small you think a piece of information is, it could actually be very important in helping us stop drug gangs recruiting more people.

We promise to act on the information you give us. So, if you do think drug gangs are recruiting where you live, or think a friend or someone you know is in trouble, please let us know.

It can't be traced back to you.

Remember, anything you send is completely anonymous.